Are you ready to Export?

With IBD Partners we will focus on :

Understanding your business and develop international opportunities with you.

Practical programmes with measurable results.

Comprehensive exporting initiatives in key markets.

With marketing offices in the UK, UAE and Philippines
– IBDP have the world covered.

International Business Development Partners believe that bringing people and businesses together allows business to happen.

We strive to understand your ambitions for growth and then work with our colleagues across the world to develop opportunities and to assist you in making the right connections as well as support your own.

Examples of how we can help:

➢ International Business Development;
➢ International Business Strategy;
➢ Market entry support into a new Country or Region;
➢ Sales and Marketing;
➢ Financial Investment;
➢ Cultural awareness training and guidance;
➢ International Trade consultancy;
➢ Governmental support;

How we typically work


We have a no obligation discussion with you to see which areas we can support you.  We need to understand the current business situation and where you want your business to go.



We will then present you with a series of options and our recommended actions that we will both need to take to take the business forward.  This could be some introduction to new business clients, raising funding from an investor or an introduction into a new market. Our fee structure is solely based on a project by project basis so you have the confidence that you know the exact cost of each project linked to the outcome.


We will then work with on the suggested course of action that we agree to move forward.  We will be with you every step of the way and available as and when required.Once a project has been agreed and signed off, we will update you at agreed intervals on progress and what action you may have to take. We offer an inclusive service in that as your international business development partner, your business is in the hands of professionals who have your international business aims and objectives firmly in their hands.

What we do.

We offer a comprehensive range of services to get you more business.  Thats it.

The world of business has shrunk and seems to get smaller every year.  We have a range of experienced personnel to help you develop business in new continents and countries. Whether it’s cultural awareness training to help you sell into a new country, financial investment to help your business grow or simply introducing you to the right people to get business done we can help.


  • New Market 80%
  • Market strategy and cultural awareness 45%
  • New business introductions 95%
We believe that bringing people and businesses together allows business to happen. We strive to understand your ambitions for growth and then work with our colleagues across the world to develop opportunities and to assist you in making the right connections.

IBD Partners operate with a clear focus to provide creative solutions, practical programmes and measurable results for our clients through cohesive partnering in identifying new international markets crossing and across continents.

We provide a complete service that enables companies large and small to develop exporting strategies in identifying, exploring, researching, evaluating, enter and cultivate new business in key markets for their products and services around the world.

From Cradle to Grave

IBD Partners develop strategies and road maps that are realistic, comprehensive and measurable. Key to our success is managing expectations. So often from developed countries we believe that all countries around the globe do business as we do in our country. More often than not this is not the case. With our depth of experience we know how to do business in regions across the world therefore we explain and coach our clients expectations. We take this very seriously and is one of the keys to our success.


We are a process-led organisation focused on agreed outcomes and results. Our process combines rigorous analysis with comprehensive due diligence.

We engage with and working closely with our clients to create value.

IBD Partners build trusted connections through our network of experienced and connected experts, executives and government departments.

Have IBD Partners plan and execute the next stage of your business’ growth.

Whether focused on strategies for business, technology or operations, IBD Partners has the people, skills and experience to effectively shape client value.

We are not totally unique in our core offering but we do believe that we are unique in the total service we offer from ‘Cradle to Grave’ So often companies take advantage of government funding to explore markets with trade mission visits but that is where the support ends. We take over from here and hand hold for as long as required until our clients have their business firmly established in the region/country they have chosen.


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